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G4 Receiver

The basic solution

The G4 is our entry-level receiver with proportional outputs, digital I/Os as well as CANopen communication. The standardized functions and features make the receiver suitable for various mobile hydraulic applications. The receiver is equipped with a two-digit LED display that provides detailed information regarding operational status and possible error codes. The receiver has an error log that records both internal system faults and external faults in the connected hydraulics and controllers.

The receiver can only be activated by its dedicated Scanreco transmitter; no other transmitter or product can ever activate the receiver unintentionally. For maximum security, the receiver is equipped with dual processors that constantly monitor all data and outputs. In the unlikely event of any error or loss of the radio link from the transmitter, all outputs will immediately be shut down.

An important key to the success of the Scanreco professional radio remote control system is the receiver. It is well known for its durability – even in extreme conditions such as shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference. One of the secrets is that it is potted with epoxy to protect it against dust and water in all forms to survive 24/7 the hottest summer in Australia or the coldest mid-winter in north Canada. This is what we call Never-Stop Technology™ from Scanreco.

This is the G4 Receiver

  • 6 bi-directional proportional PWM outputs
  • 7 digital outputs (including dump valve)
  • 2 digital inputs for speed-setting management
  • CANopen interface
  • Stop function in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 cat. 3, PL d
  • Frequency bands: 433-434 or 902-928MHz
  • Supply voltage: 12/24 VDC
  • Operational temperature: -25°C to +70°C / ~-15°F to +160°F
  • Protection category: IP 65
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 233 x 205 x 77 mm / ~9.17 x 8.07 x 3.03 in (height incl. antenna)
  • Weight: 1.2 kg / ~2.6 lbs.


3D-files of the product available upon request.


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