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For over 35 years we have put people to the side. What do you want to remote?

Scanreco dates back to 1984 when the company was first established in Södertälje, a city south of Stockholm, Sweden. One of our first tasks was to develop wireless point-to-point systems for the Swedish defense industry.

From an early stage we started replacing cable remote controls on truck/loader cranes and retrofitted them with radio remote controls. Soon we realized that no one had really explored this area and we began to focus on radio remote control systems for knuckleboom cranes and other mobile machinery.

Over the years more and more of the leading manufacturers have discovered our proposition – as an OEM partner delivering reliable and secure professional radio remote control systems for a variety of applications.

Today, you can find Scanreco products in every part of the world. Our global presence allows us to work with the world’s leading manufacturers.

  • 1984   The engineering company Scanreco is created in Sodertalje, 30 km's south of Stockholm in Sweden. The name stands for Scandinavian remote controls.
  • 1985-1988   Development and production of wireless point to point systems for the Swedish defence industry. During these years Scanreco were awarded with major contracts to upgrade military equipment with wireless data transfer capabilities.
  • 1988   Launch of our first civil product, a radio remote control system called GO for human machine interface. This is the starting point for what has been our hallmark ever since, professional radio remote control systems.
  • 1989   Scanreco is the first company within radio remote controls to implement a frequency synthesizer instead of a traditional crystal oscillator. The allows frequency changes by settings instead of swapping a physical component, the crystal. 
  • 1991   The G1 succeed the previous G0 radio remote control system.  This new platform is developed to target the mobile hydraulic segment.  All initial system settings are configured, stored and copied using a normal computer with a user friendly program. 
  • 1995   As the company was experiencing a period of continuous expansion, in 1995 the company moved from Sodertalje to Stockholm.  The newly built premises consist of 3000 m2.  
  • 1996   The Maxi transmitter is released and has ever since been a true companion for many workers.  With its ergonomic and timeless design it has become a classic.  Over the years the Maxi has undergone several updates to keep it state of the art, but the core is still there in its user friendly design.
  • 1996   Scanreco signs its first contract with a major OEM customer that produces knuckle boom cranes.  The company has continued to partner with us ever since.
  • 1999   Implementation of the CAN protocol in our receivers, the CAN fieldbus allows for rapid and safe transfer of data between multiple units on a machine.  Two-way communication with operator feedback to light emitting diodes on the transmitter is also implemented this year. 
  • 2002   The total numbers of sold Scanreco systems exceeds 100,000 units!  The same year our Maxi transmitter receives a face lift in the form of a graphic display with 128*32 pixels, utilizing operator feedback.
  • 2003-2005   Scanreco implements a new business model for strategic OEM companies, offering them new product development projects.  Based on the customer requirements, the new product is designed and developed in seamless integration with their equipment.  The new business model proofs a huge success and Scanreco manages to sign with several well-known companies.
  • 2005   A more compact version of the Maxi sees the daylight, the Mini is born.  Despite its smaller size, the transmitter is packed with functionality. 
  • 2006   Achieves ISO9001 certification and SIL (Safety Integrity Level) approval according to standard IEC 61508.
  • 2008   Our new G2 platform is launched and replaces the G1.  The G2 is a totally new platform with new firmware, hardware, features and functionality. 
  • 2009   Our first hand held transmitter, the Handy is released.  The transmitter is equipped with innovative proportional pushbuttons.  The infinitely variable speed enable a higher degree of precision and performance compared to traditional one or two step buttons.
  • 2009   Our first subsidiary is established in North America.
  • 2014   Celebrating 30-years and launch of our new brand identity, opening the doors to new applications and customers.
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